Saturday, March 7, 2020

Baron Friedrich von Steuben essays

Baron Friedrich von Steuben essays von steuben was born in magdeburg, germany in 1730. he attended jesult schools in bresaiu. he entered the prussian army's officer corps, and served in the seven years war. he then joined fredrick the greats military staff. he next was appointed chamberlain to the prussian court of hohenzollern hechingen. in 1777, von went to parns to meet america's foreign commissioners, benjamin franklin and silas deane offered them his, military services.who was impressedby von stuebons title, immediately sent him to gearge washingtons at valley forge he crossed the atlantic ocean from germany to drill george washingtons (soldiers) troops. von faught the american militia. many eupopean military formations and other war stralegies. ina few days washington saw a great difference in the cordination, awareness and knowledged of his soldiers arrived in plymouth n.h in 1778 to aid these americans in a fight for independence w.c.a. although he spoke no enlish, he systematically trained the amature, americ an troops in military discipline and battle readiness. the rigorous training saved the troops from complete defeat during the battle of mamouth. in 1779 von prepared his book "regulations of order and discipline for troops of the u.s" which remained americas official military manual for over 3 is still being used today in the military system today. later in the war, von commanded the war supply center and faught at yorktown. afterword, washington employed him in avarety of duties, from the creation of a plan to demobilize the wartime army to the acceptance of britian's surendered canadian forts. von also helped to found the society of cincinnati, and then resigned his american commision in 1784, after the war the new york legislature granted von an estate. he recieved a small pension from the u.s government, but relied on friends like alexander hamilton to settle his mounting dates. von died on november 28, 794. he was burried in new york in steu...

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