Monday, December 9, 2019

Comparison between EU and US Privacy Regimes

Question: Discuss about the Comparison between EU and US Privacy Regimes? Answer: EU and US differs a lot in the case of their privacy regimes. The comparison between the two laws can be summarized as, The EU privacy laws are culturally stronger than US privacy laws. Privacy is taken more seriously in EU when compared to the US. People have more expectations from the privacy laws in EU than the same in the US. In EU, privacy is considered and taken care as a fundamental right' of an individual. There is the Charter of Fundamental Rights of EU that is almost identical to the constitutional rights of the citizens of EU (Newman, 2012). The US also have their data protection laws that in turns help in the implementation of privacy laws. The EU data protection law covers the whole data protection framework. However, there is no such equivalent in the US. The US has a bunch of privacy protection laws for different scenarios, for example, the privacy of health information, children's online privacy protection and so on. The only this is, the whole structure of privacy and data protection laws and the applicability of those laws is different for EU and US. So, it is better not to compare those. The context and all differs in a large scale (CyberCore Technologies LLC, 2009). US privacy laws are very serious about privacy also. Especially, business in the US is very much focused on privacy. Businesses need to adhere to privacy laws and regulations very strictly. On the contrary, there is no such strong equivalent in EU even though privacy is a very serious issue in EU also (CyberCore Technologies LLC, 2009). References CyberCore Technologies LLC. (2009). The Information Assurance Process: Charting a Path Towards Compliance. Elkridge: CyberCore Technologies. Newman, A. (2012). Protectors of Privacy. Cornell University Press.

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